CUE Configure Unify Execute

Validate, define, and use dynamic and text-based data

Be in control of your data

CUE is an open source language, with a rich set of APIs and tooling, for defining, generating, and validating all kinds of data: configuration, APIs, database schemas, code, … you name it.

Data Validation

Validate text-based data files or programmatic data such as incoming RPCs or database documents.

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Just add validation to existing data (CUE, YAML, JSON), reduce boilerplate in large-scale configurations, or both.

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Schema Definition

Define schema to communicate an API or standard and validate backwards compatibility.

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Generate Code and Schema

Keep validation code in sync across code bases, Protobuf definitions, and OpenAPI definitions.

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Automate the use of your data without writing yet another tool.

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Find the locations of instances of CUE types and values in data.
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