This guide demonstrates how to write a Go program that validates JSON files using an embeded CUE schema.

Set up some schema and data files


Create a CUE schema.

You can use any schema that’s relevant to your specific data, but our example uses this simple CUE:

#Schema: {
	name?: string
	age?:  int

Create some known-good and known-bad test data.

You may already have some representative test data. This data is relevant to our example schema:

    "name": "Charlie Cartwright",
    "age": 80
    "name": [
    "age": "173"

Verify that your schema accepts and rejects your test data appropriately.

Our example schema is contained in the #Schema definition, which we reference explicitly:

$ cue vet schema.cue good.json -d '#Schema'
$ cue vet schema.cue bad.json -d '#Schema'
age: conflicting values "173" and int (mismatched types string and int):
name: conflicting values string and ["Moby","Dick"] (mismatched types string and list):

Create a Go program


Initialize a Go module, or use an existing one if that’s more suitable for your situation:

$ go mod init go.example

Create a main program.

You can use this example code as a starting point:

package main

import (

	_ "embed"


// Embed our schema in a Go string variable.
//go:embed schema.cue
var cueSource string

func main() {
	ctx := cuecontext.New()

	// Build the schema
	schema := ctx.CompileString(cueSource).LookupPath(cue.ParsePath("#Schema"))

	// Load the JSON file specified (the program's sole argument) as a CUE value
	dataFilename := os.Args[1]
	dataFile, err := os.ReadFile(dataFilename)
	if err != nil {
	dataExpr, err := json.Extract(dataFilename, dataFile)
	if err != nil {
	dataAsCUE := ctx.BuildExpr(dataExpr)

	// Validate the JSON data using the schema
	unified := schema.Unify(dataAsCUE)
	if err := unified.Validate(); err != nil {
		fmt.Println("❌ JSON: NOT ok")

	fmt.Println("✅ JSON: ok")

This example code embeds the CUE from schema.cue and uses it to validate a single JSON file, printing the validation result to its standard output stream.


Add a dependency on and ensure the Go module is tidy:

$ go get
$ go mod tidy

Run the Go program


Verify that the Go program accepts and rejects your test data as expected:

$ go run . good.json
✅ JSON: ok
$ go run . bad.json
❌ JSON: NOT ok
main.go:42: conflicting values string and ["Moby","Dick"] (mismatched types string and list) (and 1 more errors)
exit status 1
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