$ cue help eval
eval evaluates, validates, and prints a configuration.

Printing is skipped if validation fails.

The --expression flag is used to evaluate an expression within the
configuration file, instead of the entire configuration file itself.


  $ cat <<EOF > foo.cue
  a: ["a", "b", "c"]

  $ cue eval foo.cue -e a[0] -e a[2]

  cue eval [flags]

  -a, --all                      show optional and hidden fields
  -c, --concrete                 require the evaluation to be concrete
  -e, --expression stringArray   evaluate this expression only
  -f, --force                    force overwriting existing files
  -t, --inject stringArray       set the value of a tagged field
  -T, --inject-vars              inject system variables in tags
      --list                     concatenate multiple objects into a list
      --merge                    merge non-CUE files (default true)
  -n, --name string              glob filter for non-CUE file names in directories
      --out string               output format (run 'cue filetypes' for more info)
  -o, --outfile string           filename or - for stdout with optional file prefix (run 'cue filetypes' for more info)
  -p, --package string           package name for non-CUE files
  -l, --path stringArray         CUE expression for single path component (see 'cue help flags' for details)
      --proto_enum string        mode for rendering enums (int|json) (default "int")
  -I, --proto_path stringArray   paths in which to search for imports
  -d, --schema string            expression to select schema for evaluating values in non-CUE files
  -A, --show-attributes          display field attributes
  -H, --show-hidden              display hidden fields
  -O, --show-optional            display optional fields
      --with-context             import as object with contextual data

Global Flags:
  -E, --all-errors   print all available errors
  -i, --ignore       proceed in the presence of errors
  -s, --simplify     simplify output
      --strict       report errors for lossy mappings
      --trace        trace computation
  -v, --verbose      print information about progress