$ cue help mod init
Init initializes a cue.mod directory in the current directory, in effect
creating a new module rooted at the current directory. The cue.mod
directory must not already exist. A legacy cue.mod file in the current
directory is moved to the new subdirectory.

A module name is optional, but if it is not given, a package
within the module cannot import another package defined
in the module.

  cue mod init [module] [flags]

  -f, --force           force moving old-style cue.mod file
      --source string   set the source field

Global Flags:
  -E, --all-errors   print all available errors
  -i, --ignore       proceed in the presence of errors
  -s, --simplify     simplify output
      --strict       report errors for lossy mappings
      --trace        trace computation
  -v, --verbose      print information about progress