$ cue help
cue evaluates CUE files, an extension of JSON, and sends them
to user-defined commands for processing.

Commands are defined in CUE as follows:

	import "tool/exec"
	command: deploy: {
		cmd:   "kubectl"
		args:  ["-f", "deploy"]
		in:    json.Encode(userValue) // encode the emitted configuration.

cue can also combine the results of http or grpc request with the input
configuration for further processing. For more information on defining commands
run 'cue help cmd' or go to cuelang.org/pkg/cmd.

For more information on writing CUE configuration files see cuelang.org.

  cue [flags]
  cue [command]

Available Commands:
  cmd            run a user-defined workflow command
  completion     Generate completion script
  def            print consolidated definitions
  eval           evaluate and print a configuration
  export         output data in a standard format
  fix            rewrite packages to latest standards
  fmt            formats CUE configuration files
  get            add dependencies to the current module
  help           Help about any command
  import         convert other formats to CUE files
  login          log into a CUE registry
  mod            module maintenance
  trim           remove superfluous fields
  version        print CUE version
  vet            validate data

  -E, --all-errors   print all available errors
  -i, --ignore       proceed in the presence of errors
  -s, --simplify     simplify output
      --strict       report errors for lossy mappings
      --trace        trace computation
  -v, --verbose      print information about progress

Additional help topics:
  cue commands       user-defined commands
  cue environment    environment variables
  cue filetypes      supported file types and qualifiers
  cue flags          common flags for composing packages
  cue injection      inject files or values into specific fields for a build
  cue inputs         package list, patterns, and files
  cue modules        module support
  cue registryconfig module registry configuration

Use "cue [command] --help" for more information about a command.