Further documentation on CUE, including references to the language specification.


CUE’s maintains both a Gerrit and Github repository. The Gerrit repository is the source of truth, but changes are accepted in both repositories. See the Contribution Guide for more details on how to contribute.

Tool references

The cue tool comes with build in help pages. These are also reflected here.

Language Specification

The source of truth of how the CUE language should behave is encoded in the CUE language specification. Notes on the formalism underlying the specification can be found here.

API References

The CUE Go APIs in the main repo are organized as follows:

  • cmd: The CUE command line tool.
  • cue: core APIs related to parsing, formatting, loading and running CUE programs. These packages are used by all other packages, including the command line tool.
  • encoding: Packages for converting to and from CUE, including adaptors for YAML, JSON, Go, Protobuf, and OpenAPI.
  • pkg: Builtin packages that are available from within CUE programs. These are typically not used in Go code.