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In CUE, schemas are typically written as Definitions. A definition is a field which identifier starts with # or _#. This tells CUE that they are to be used for validation and should not be output as data; it is okay for them to remain unspecified.

A definition also tells CUE the full set of allowed fields. In other words, definitions define “closed” structs. Including a ... in struct keeps it open.


#Conn: {
    address:  string
    port:     int
    protocol: string
    // ...    // uncomment this to allow any field

lossy: #Conn & {
    address:  ""
    port:     8888
    protocol: "udp"
    // foo: 2 // uncomment this to get an error

$ cue export schema.cue

    "lossy": {
        "address": "",
        "port": 8888,
        "protocol": "udp"