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CUE defines two kinds of numbers. Integers, denoted int, are whole, or integral, numbers. Floats, denoted float, are decimal floating point numbers.

An integer literal (e.g. 4) can be of either type, but defaults to int. A floating point literal (e.g. 4.0) is only compatible with float.

In the example, the result of b is a float and cannot be used as an int without conversion.

CUE also adds a variety of sugar for writing numbers.


a: int
a: 4 // type int

b: number
b: 4.0 // type float

c: int
c: 4.0

d: 4  // will evaluate to type int (default)

e: [
    1_234,       // 1234
    5M,          // 5_000_000
    1.5Gi,       // 1_610_612_736
    0x1000_0000, // 268_435_456

$ cue eval -i numbers.cue

a: 4
b: 4.0
c: _|_ // c: conflicting values int and 4.0 (mismatched types int and float)
d: 4
e: [1_234, 5M, 1.5Gi, 0x1000_0000]